Digital Humanities

A photo by David Grandmougin. Encounters:

Being in one of the first generations to grow up during the digital era, this type of technology has always been a part of my life; however, some of the complexities of it were neglected during childhood due to my parent’s lack of knowledge. By this, I mean that privacy issues, in such debates as whether or not it’s appropriate to post your child’s photos online, were not circulating in the public sphere during my childhood. Still today, I tend to consider data to only be that which is immediately accessible–Facebook posts, Instagram photos and the like. I don’t typically recognize more covert data, garnered by such things as roadway passes like Salik and EasyPass or hotel key cards. Particularly in the advent of PokemonGo and similar location tracking applications, the amount of data, and subsequently the world of data analysis, continues to grow and inshallah will be used for positive rather than negative ends.